Spring - Summer 2017 .

Fresh, lightweight cotton, with colourful accessories and elegance at the very centre of the attention set the course for the Spring Summer collection.

Tailor-made trousers.

Valentini has been a benchmark in the tailored trousers sector for over 60 years. Our handicrafts allow us to satisfy every specific request of our customers, realizing tailor-made suits with the best fabrics and attention to details in order to fit perfectly.

Wide proposal of fabrics.

Linen/cotton, Cotton Makò, fine cotton gabardine: summer trousers must be fresh, lightweight, comfortable and practical. Valentini also opts for a wide range of colours to meet the specific taste of each customer, realizing the trousers you need.

Discover the complete collection.

Bermuda shorts and details.

As for the trousers for the spring-summer season, we also offer exclusive bermuda shorts for your holidays.

Bermuda shorts.

For the summer season, Valentini offers elegant bermuda shorts to be worn in different situations, especially informal ones but always maintaining impeccable elegance in total comfort.


Details make the difference and make a very unique and excellent garment, able to give personality. Valentini's tailor-made trousers are studied in every single detail, from buttons to pockets, to ensure the highest quality ever.